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People around the world are increasingly becoming health conscious and are opting for food products that are not only cost-effective but also healthy to eat. One of the recent addition in this sector is a brand named Primary Food Trading Company. Established in 2017 corresponding to 1438H, the company specialises in providing healthy and high quality food products across its consumer base in Saudi Arabia.Primary Food is trading company engaged in import and export of high quality food products at the most reasonable prices. As a newly launched venture, the company is currently working on a balanced work plan to find healthy products and make them available to consumers at competitive prices. As consumer preferences keep evolving with respect to taste and desires, the aim of Primary Food Trading company is to understand and meet these requirements of its consumers. The company aims to set new standards and be innovative in its business approach. The aim is to build a strong trade partnership and be among the top food trading brands in Saudi Arabia.

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Rice is one of the most popular and highly consumed food across the world especially in Asia. Being able to grow in wide spectrum of climates is one of the main reasons why Rice has become one of the widely eaten foods around the globe.

Over 25 years in the farming industry

. Mission

Our Mission is to excel at Customer Satisfaction and deliver Highest Quality Products. We strive to build a strong business network with or clients by offering the best quality of healthy food products at competitive prices.

. Our Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the biggest brand names in the food industry by offering consistency and quality in all our products. We wish to capture the world market by establishing a trustworthy.

. Quality Control

Our biggest USP is our product quality. After all, Quality is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

. Our Network

We are building a strong network with traders and exporters so that our products can have a worldwide reach.

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