History of Rice

Rice History

Rice is one of the most popular and highly consumed food across the world especially in Asia. Being able to grow in wide spectrum of climates is one of the main reasons why Rice has become one of the widely eaten foods around the globe. It is third highest produced agricultural commodity in the world after sugarcane and maize. Rice provides more than one-fifth of the calories consumed by people worldwide. It is not only an important food item but is also used in various traditional practices too. It is originated as the seed of a grass species named Orzya sativa or Orzya glaberrima.It is said that the rice grain first originated thousands of years in Asia stretching from east India to China. Some believe that it was first cultivated in China around 12000 years ago. Slowly, it was passed onto the greece and other mediterranean regions. As per the archeological evidence, it is believed that rice was first domesticated in the region of Yangtze River valley located in China. In 2003, archaeologists from Korea had claimed that the discovery of world’s oldest domesticated rice. According to them, rice cultivation originated in China. Genetic evidence also show that all forms of Asia rice originated in the valley region of China.

Over 25 years in the farming industry

The cultivation of rice is done in regions that have high rainfall and low labor costs. Rice cultivation is supposed to a labor-intensive color. It requires a lot of water resource and can grown with the use of even on hilly mountainous places too using water controlling methods. Traditionally, in order to cultivate rice, the field is flooded with water after or while setting the seedlings.Additional care must be taken to ensure controlling of weed or pest during growing period of rice.

Being a leading crop in the world, there are many different varieties of rice available.They are mainly divided into long grain and all purposes and speciality.  Some of them are long grain, brown long grain rice, the aromatics, basmati rice, japonica rice, jasmine rice, speciality rice (used in risotto etc). Since centuries, Rice has been used to make different variety of culinary dishes. People use rice to make snacks, main dishes, alcoholic beverages and even desserts. Rice is said to be rice in Carbohydrates.

In many parts of India and the world, the principal activity and source of income for many households in Rice cultivation. Many people are highly dependant on rice as a source of earning and revenue. China and India are said to the world’s highest producers of Rice. These two nations have time and again emphasised the importance of cultivating rice and continuously innovating producing the best quality of rice. Asia accounts for 90% of the production and consumption of rice in the world.

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