The vision of Primary Food Trading Company is to become one of SaudI Arabia’s leading health food providers. We wish to offer  a range of exciting, innovative products and  a vast distribution network across the breadth and depth of the country.  To support this vision, one of the most important and crucial part of any health food company is its infrastructure. A good infrastructure facility with well equipped machinery is the strength of any health food organisation.

At Primary food, we have taken utmost care in designing a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility that can taken care of all the production requirements. It is equipped with latest machineries for all processes , ranging from sorting, to milling , processing and packaging. All the machines are well maintained and dust proof. They can be easily operated. The processing unit is laced with advanced machinery imported from the best of the best.

The company also takes pride in its highly trained workforce that can handle and overlook all the operations smoothly and within the assigned time frame. Our well designed infrastructure facility has the capability of meeting bulk requirements of the clients, thereby assuring time delivery.

We Nurture Our Nature




Our aim is to produce and market a wide range of nutritious and healthy food products for consumers of all age groups and create a brand value through team work. This can only be achieved if we have a strong infrastructure setup. For this reason, the company has given prime importance to building a strong infrastructure facility that can offer innovative product offerings and meet the growing demands of the customers.

To ensure stringent quality control checks, all our stages of production lines are supervised by qualified team of professionals who then makes sure that each and every product adheres to International quality standards and as well Saudi Standards Organisation. To achieve a good brand name, it is crucial that the company ensures that all its processes comply to international standards so that it can continue to achieve great success in Saudi Arabia market and emerge as a name to reckon with. The company’s motto is to use advance technological processes and superior technical know-how in all its operations for attaining high quality across all of its products.

Our infrastructure is built, designed and equipped to meet all international standards as demanded by the food industry. Our highly trained staff, well laced operation systems and safety measures at all levels ensure a sustainable and premium quality in all our product range. As we build our brand name and increase our customer base, we will keep adding newer and innovative solutions to our infrastructure so that we can stay ahead of our competitors and continuer to gain the trust of our business partners as well as consumers.

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