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Since its inception in 2017 , Primary Food Trading Company has build a huge brand name in such a short span of time. The main reason for this is their promise of delivering high quality food products that are healthy and nutritious. The company has formed an extensive distribution network that aims to reach out to millions of retail outlets, distributors throughout Saudi Arabia. As a newly formed entity, the company is slowly and steadily trying to reach out to as many consumers as it can. The company’s target is supply best quality rice so that they can gain the trust of the consumers as well as business partners. The company aims to achieve maximum output and achieve their business targets by joining hands with like minded people. Primary Food trading company is set to dedicate itself to produce and market finest quality of basmati rice. After all, quality is key to any business. The company wishes to build a long term relationship with their customers in Saudi Arabia and around the globe.

In the company years, Primary Foods plans to expand its business avenues across new markets. This will be done with the help of our trade partners. Our aim is to build an intense networking base with prominent market dealers, wholesalers as well retailers. we aim to distribute our products in every corner of Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries. Quality plays a key role in all our products and we do not let our customers down. Our aromatic products are slowly gaining a lot of appreciation and are being accepted by both Saudi Arabian and international clients.
We believe in constant innovation. Therefore, our trained team of professionals diligently believes in upgrading the processes and machinery so that we never let our customers down. We have dedicated team of employees who have the right knowledge about the products and are constantly involved research and development. Our modern and state of the art infrastructure has helped us in growing our network far and wide. In future, we wish to strengthen and expand our network services and expand our customer base too.

We constantly toil to unveil our products, and that is the main reason behind reliability and durability of our products. We feel privileged in serving large part of the world with our best quality Basmati Rice. Our well-equipped processing and cleaning units assist in delivering organically grown Basmati Rice variety that is free from all impurities. The main reason behind reliability and durability of our rice products is that we constantly keep a check on quality and innovation. We feel privileged in serving the people of this country with our best quality food products. We wish to promote the concept of healthy eating and therefore, all our products are manufactured under safe and hygiene environment. After all, Health is Wealth and this is our motto. In the coming years, Primary Food trading Company wants to become a name to be reckon with, in the food industry market around the world.

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