Infrastructure is key to gain success in any business and for making a good product. At Primary Foods, we are Equipped with world class latest state of the art machines spread over a vast area.Rice is the primary processed product obtained from paddy. It is further processed for obtaining various secondary and tertiary products. The process of removal of hulls and barns from paddy grains to procure polished rice is known as Rice milling. It consists of the following processes and elements:


The most essential equipment in a rice mill is a Paddy Cleaner. Paddy Cleaner helps in separating all the impurities such as dust, straw, sand, clay from the paddy crop. The main advantage of paddy cleaner is that it increases the percentage of oil in brand and increases the shelf life of rubber rollers.

image-acPaddy cleaner is the most essential equipment in a rice mill, as it separates all the impurities like dust, straw, sand, clay and heavy particles of even an uneven sizes from paddy. The advantages with the paddy cleaner are that increases the life of rubber rollers and the percentage of oil in bran.

image-acIn this process, all the small stones are separated from the paddy crop.

image-acThis process is carried out using a dehusker machine. The machine helps in dehusking of paddy and removal of husk. The machine is based on centrifugal principle and has an automatic rubber roll control system.

image-acIn this process, the separation of husk from brown rice or unhusked paddy is done.

image-acIn this process, Paddy crop is uniformly dried and then processed trough a dyer to reduce the moisture content. It is then stored in warehouses for maturing. This paddy os later used to manufacture either Raw Basmati Rice or Par boiled basmati rice.

image-acIt separates the unhusked paddy from brown rice as even after husking rice contains some dust kernels.

image-acIn this process, the appearance of milled rice is improved by removing the remaining brand particles. The exterior of the milled kernel is polished in this process. There are specially designed polishers for brown rice.

image-acTo convert brown rice into white rice, whitener is used for whitening (known as removal of bran). The system is performed inside the machine and it ensures that the rice is whitened gently and smoothly.

image-acIn this process, small and larger brokers are separated from head rice. Separating small and large brokers from head rice.

image-acThe standard rice that is used around the world is The 90000 monochromatic used for small and large millers. It efficiently removes brown grains and tip defects.

image-acEach bag undergoes final inspection to ensure that it adheres to best quality. It is packed and inspected under strict quality control norms by qualified and trained professionals before it leaves the rice mill premises.

People around the world are increasingly becoming health conscious and are opting for food products that are not only cost-effective but also healthy to eat. One of the recent addition in this sector is a brand named Primary Food Trading Company. Established in 2017 corresponding to 1438H, the company specialises in providing healthy and high quality food products across its consumer base in Saudi Arabia.

Primary Food is trading company engaged in import and export of high quality food products  at the most reasonable prices. As a newly launched venture, the company is currently working on a  balanced work plan to find healthy products and make them available to consumers at competitive prices. As consumer preferences keep evolving with respect to taste and desires, the aim of Primary Food Trading company is to understand and meet these requirements of its consumers. The company aims to set new standards and be innovative in its business approach. The aim is to build a strong trade partnership and be among the top food trading brands in Saudi Arabia.

The company has built a state of the art infrastructure facility to deliver high quality and consistently good food products to its consumers. The company has stringent policies for quality, consistency and fair trade practices. Customer satisfaction is their key focus and they ensure that they deliver highest quality product to all its consumer. From using highest quality equipment to procuring the best quality food product from across the globe and delivering consistently good food products, Primary Food Trading Company is fast emerging as one of the most promising brands in Saudi Arabia.

Food industry is highly competitive. Hence, Innovation and quality standards play a key role in creating a successful business growth. The company aims to set high standards for such growth measures and be recognised as the best in the industry. With their innovative marketing plan and constant research, the company promises to offer new and exciting food products that are made of high quality and are value for money.



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