At Primary Food Trading Company, the most crucial part of our processes is giving emphasis to quality control. Since the inception of the company in 2017, the company has put a stringent policy in place for quality control assurance. Our team of dedicated staff has been trained to undertake effective monitoring and scrutiny. Right from the stage of packaging to acquiring of raw materials, each and every process goes through quality check.Hygiene and safety are key to all our processes. All our products are made under extreme supervision and each and each product is carefully manufactured, procured and packaged. Delivering healthy and nutritious food to customer is the main motto of the company and the company puts in a lot of efforts to make sure that there are harmful chemicals or preservatives in the products mentioned in the portfolio.

Since the company’s inception in 2017, the main objective of them is to adopt and practice corrective actions right from quality assurance to training and food processing. The company stoves to consistently upgrade their quality and assurance processes. This will help in elevating them to world class standards and set a benchmark for themselves. By ensuring quality check, Primary Food aims to maintain the freshness and hygiene of the products for a longer period of time. All the products are closely monitored right from the process of procurement to final process of packaging to the consumers. The company has trained and professionals quality check experts who make sure that the best quality product is deliver so as to maintain consumer loyalty and trust.

The company’s vision is to create a work culture where everything is done right. That is the reason we have created the best testing labs. These labs are well equipped with latest quality check instruments and other such latest instruments to ensure that stringent quality check norms are put in place. The company’s Quality Management has designed procedures and practices that constantly adhere to international quality standards. These practices and procedures are monitored carefully by experienced and trained staff at every stage of production.
Our customers are our first priority always. Hence, it is our constant effort to ensure that all our products are not only of the superior quality but also are produced under stringent quality control and assurance protocols. We have a systematic checklist in place to ensure safety in everything we produce. if there is any failure during the production line processes, implementation of these quality check norms helps in immediately correcting any failure or mistakes so that minimum error occurs and the products maintain the quality and hygiene that our customers demand.
Our quality objectives are to create all products under safe and secure environment. Another key objective is to maintain and create high standards of hygiene and safety and to undertake regular maintenance of machinery so that productivity and process capability is not hampered at any stage. Primary Food is committed to promoting healthy and safe products under extremely hygienic environment.

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